Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I was so surprised at which stops I loved the most, and which ones were just okay. I expected to love Aruba. I didn't. Neither did John.

The thing about traveling with kids is that it's hard to know WHY something wasn't spectacular. Our kids weren't on their best behavior that day. A lady on the bus in front of us turned around and yelled at our kids for kicking her seat, which turned me into crazy mom trying to make sure her children were perfect angels. Archer was in a bit of a mood, plus he claimed he had to use the bathroom every 5 seconds (and there weren't an abundance of bathrooms around either). So overall, not great. But it might not have been Aruba's fault!

We went to the butterfly farm, and saw one of the natural bridges. We also went to the aloe plantation (which was lame and definitely not for kids...especially on a day when the machines aren't actually running!!). The butterfly farm was interesting, and the boys enjoyed seeing all the butterflies/caterpillars in their various stages. The natural bridge was pretty, and there were plenty of boulders nearby (but far enough away from the water...) for the boys to climb around on.

We did find a nice beach for kids in the afternoon, and I kinda wish we had just skipped the rest of the day and spent it all at the beach. It was a little crowded, but the water was calm and warm! It was a good way to end the day, and definitely helped give us a good parting impression of Aruba.

I feel like we might need to give Aruba another chance just because I feel like I should have loved it. I guess that's the downside to being somewhere for just a day! But while Cartagena is now on the "definitely want to go back" list, Aruba is on the "go back if we run out of other places to explore" list, and I kinda doubt that's going to happen!

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