Monday, April 8, 2013

Preston's Souvenir

When we were in Miami, Preston cut his foot in the pool. We're not sure what he cut it on, but it wasn't a big cut. We cleaned it up and bandaged it, but of course we couldn't keep him out of the sand/ocean/pool!

All was well until the morning after we got back when he started complaining that it hurt. I looked at it, saw it was a little red around it, put some neosporin on and bandaged it again. He took a nap that afternoon (which I attributed to exhaustion from all the traveling), and when he woke up he said he felt sick and he didn't want to get out of bed. I checked his temperature and was 101.5. I looked at his foot and it was not good. Red all over, streaking up his ankle. I might have freaked out a little. It's important to note here that John didn't have his cell phone due to the snorkeling incident, and he's the medical one in our family. I'm usually the wait and see, try to treat it naturally parent. (I did try putting honey & garlic on it but it was already spreading too much for that I think.)

I called a friend who is a P.A. and he told me to get him seen ASAP. I took him in and about 30 minutes later we were headed to the hospital where we had a 3 night stay. It took a bit to find the right combo of antibiotics for him (the infectious disease specialist got it figured out!) and they think it was some sort of a water bug that he picked up.

Preston was quite the charmer at the hospital. He had all the nurses spoiling him like crazy (and he acquired lots of gifts: a new lego set, an MP3 player, and lots of art supplies)! Plus, he got to beat me in checkers multiple times. He was brave and did really well, despite the fact that our 24 hour say turned into 4 days. I hate that he has to be on antibiotics, but I'm SO glad that this was his first experience with them. He has 5 more days of oral antibiotics and then hopefully he will be fully recovered!

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