Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Loved Curaçao. LOVED it. I think it was my favorite stop. The cute houses, bright colors, friendly people, beautiful list could go on and on.

We started out with a boat ride from the cruise ship to a different harbor near an aquarium and beach. The ocean was a bit crazy...12' swells and let's just say I was working pretty hard to keep my breakfast inside. The boys loved it though, and would shout with excitement at each wave. Thank goodness. I was a little concerned one of them would get seasick given how rough it was, and the fact that we had just eaten breakfast...but no one did, and we got a great view of Willemstad from the water.

We got to the aquarium, got wi-fi which was pretty exciting since we had been completely out of touch until that point, and got to see Snapper the sea lion put on a show. I've never been that close to a sea lion before, and Snapper knew some pretty cool tricks. The aquarium was really cool...they had big touch tanks, a dolphin show, sea turtles, etc. The boys were raring to get to the beach though, so we didn't spend as long there as I would've liked. We did buy a couple of little sand buckets at the gift shop though, and those definitely came in handy for the rest of the trip!

We spent quite a bit of time at the beach after the aquarium. The beach was great for kids...nice and sheltered, and they could all walk out pretty far. Plus, they made friends with a couple of boys from the ship and they spent a lot of time together throughout the rest of the vacation.

I could've spent the whole day at the beach, but we really wanted to see the actual town as well. We dropped the boys off at the ship (they were begging to go to kid's club!) and we spent the rest of the day walking around and shopping.

Curaçao = really really REALLY want to visit again!

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