Friday, April 5, 2013

St. Thomas

Our last stop was at St. Thomas, and we ended on a good note! We really liked the atmosphere in St. Thomas. Friendly, laid back, fun. It helped that it was beautiful as well (but seriously, every place we visited was beautiful!).

Our first stop was Coral World, which is an aquarium with this deep underwater observatory. The boys' friends from the boat were with us here, and that obviously made it so much more fun for them (and us!). We got to watch them feed the sharks, and there were iguanas EVERYWHERE. The stingrays were really cool too, they would come out of the water right at the edge so you could see them really well.

Coki Beach is right next to Coral World so we went there next. It was definitely crowded, and apparently it's one of the most popular beaches, especially for snorkeling. The boys fed the fish and had swarms of them around us (they thought it was cool...I really don't like swimming in close proximity with fish so I was working on pretending to enjoy it since they were having so much fun!).

We almost stayed longer at the beach, but it was our last stop and I wanted to explore the town too, so we dropped the kids at the boat again and walked around. We wandered through shops, and got a recommendation of a good place to go eat and just relax a little. We ended up at The Dog House Pub, which had a nice outdoor seating area that we could just sit and look around (and eat yummy sweet potato fries!). A good way to end our day in St. Thomas!

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