Saturday, April 6, 2013

Miami & the Way Home

We were all sad to be done with the cruise portion of our trip, but at least we had a couple of days in Miami on the beach to lessen the blow. We got off the boat early Sunday and headed straight for Sunny Isles (north Miami Beach area). We basically camped out at the pool and on the beach for all day Sunday and Monday. At some point (I think it was Sunday afternoon), Preston cut his foot in the pool (and I'm writing this from the hospital where we have just finished night #2 thanks to his little cut, but more on that later).

Someone was kind enough to give us their voucher for a free cabana rental, so we got to have some shelter and comfy chairs on the beach Monday, which especially came in handy when the thunderstorm hit! But it was warm and we got to play a few more days before heading back to reality.

Our flights were again a bit of a disaster. I will do everything possible to avoid flying Delta again. We got to the airport plenty early for our flight, or so we thought...we were there almost 2 hours early, but the line to check baggage was so long we had to be rushed through security and didn't even have time to eat breakfast (which we had planned to do) before departure. To top it all off, despite the fact that our confirmation said our seats were "adjacent", we were actually spread out all over the plane. No one was even in the vicinity of anyone else. It was terrible. Everyone just kept telling us "oh just trade with someone on the plane after everyone has boarded." Seriously? Disaster. Thankfully there was ONE flight attendant who helped us after the others had brushed us off. He helped us sit in 2 groups at least, but it was a huge debacle. Thankfully this flight was on time because our next connection was close and I was envisioning another marathon sprint through the airport. Didn't happen though - we got there and immediately boarded flight #2 (and we only had 2 legs this time vs. 3 which was so much easier!).

When we got in to Spokane, the boys got to go in the cockpit, meet the pilots, and pretend to "drive the airplane" in Archer's words. When the pilot said hi to him, he said "Hi, Pilot!" So cute. Arch & B were really into it, but Preston didn't seem to really care (maybe he's too old??). Either way, the pilots and 1 flight attendant were pretty much the only good parts about flying Delta.

So thankful we made it home safe and sound. Not thankful that we ended up in the hospital the next day though!

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