Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bikes, Gardens, and Bees

That pretty much sums up the last few days.

Bike ride along the lake on an area of the centennial trail that we will likely not repeat (part of it was right along the main road with no barrier in between...not ideal for small kids on bikes!), followed by frozen yogurt. Super exciting for the kids. Mostly just stressful for me - the bike riding part anyway!

The neighbor's grandsons have been staying with them, so our boys have some new playmates! It's been so nice for them to have some friends right next door (all of our neighbors are grandparents, so we are slightly lacking in the young kid department in our neighborhood!).

Poor B was over playing in the neighbor's yard when he got to experience his first bee stings. Yes, 2 of them. Thankfully he is not fact he barely swelled up at all! 

And in garden news...we are getting lots of strawberries and more greens than we can eat (and we eat a lot of greens). Just today I harvested kale, Swiss chard, red lettuce, romaine, and bib lettuce. I gave away 3 large plastic sacks full, and we still have plenty for us! We've only had a couple of ripe cherry tomatoes, but we have lots of green ones on the plants. The raspberries and blueberries are just starting, and they seem to disappear before they come inside! Our snow peas are done, and I think it's maybe gotten too hot for our other peas as they have really slowed down. Sad, but hopefully we'll have green beans and plenty of zucchini and cucumbers soon!

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