Monday, July 15, 2013

Pulaski Trail Hike

Last weekend I think we did our longest hike as a family, with all 3 kids walking. 4 miles round trip. Not too bad considering there were a lot of elevation changes. John and I were a little tired out from it, so I'm impressed with our little hikers!

It was perfect hiking weather: not too hot, not too cold. We packed a lunch and took a little lunch break at the mine where Pulaski and a bunch of firefighters took shelter during the terrible wildfires in 1910. The boys loved reading the signs about what happened, and they particularly liked all of the Pulaski axes that were displayed along the trail!

There was a nice little creek that ran along the trail that the boys cooled off in on our way back. It was such a quiet trail, but was really nicely manicured. I was surprised that we only saw a handful of other people out hiking. And it was so nice that the boys could all hike independently...minus the multiple times that we had to empty rocks and other debris out of their shoes! Note to self: buy hiking shoes for the kids!

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