Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The "Beach"

I have a hard time referring to the shore of a lake as a "beach" due to the fact that I'm an Oregonian and the beach to me is the real deal! But in Idaho, lake beaches are as good as it gets, and we're pretty lucky to live in close proximity to a lot of lakes. And they're big lakes, so that's a plus!

The other plus is that one nice public beach is less than a 5 minute drive from our house, so we went with some friends today after John got home from work. It was perfect weather (around 90 degrees!) and the kids played and played...and played...until the cold set in and their little teeth started chattering. Then they played a little more, and came home to go directly to bed because they were so exhausted! 

Alright, so it wasn't all sunshine & roses...Archer had to be removed from the water (where he ran after he got in trouble for throwing sand).
As I was taking this picture, I was saying to my friend "I'm such a bad mom for taking pictures of this!" We were cracking up at his temper tantrum. John was too, as you can see. 
A&B building a sandcastle with their friend
"Look Mom, I'm floating!"

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