Thursday, July 18, 2013

Huckleberry Picking

John LOVES huckleberries. I prefer blueberries, personally, but he would pick huckleberries over blueberries any day if the week. So when a friend called him a few days ago and mentioned that he had heard the huckleberries were ripe already (it's pretty early if I remember correctly from past years), he has been itching to go. 

Thank goodness for long summer days & living in close proximity to the mountains! We spent quite a bit of time picking, then realized that we didn't have a clear path back to the main path. We could either go back the way we came (which wasn't exactly a clear path either - it's much easier to maneuver up the mountainside than down it!). It was quite an adventure getting all three boys safely down the mountainside to the main path (John was bush whacking!) but we did it...mostly safely. Poor B got another bee sting on his ear, but no major casualties! And we came home and made huckleberry milkshakes! Yum! 

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