Saturday, July 6, 2013

Off Road Adventure

After everyone left from our backyard campout this morning, we did a little clean up but then decided to take off and relax a little. 

First we stopped at HD because the boys really wanted to do the kid's workshop. After they completed their Despicable Me 2 cars, we went to the river. We spent a few hours there while the boys played in the water and we just enjoyed the peace and quiet. John and the boys caught a few crawdads, they practiced skipping rocks, and found lots of treasures (tadpoles, baby fish, rocks, sticks...the list goes on!). 

And on the way back, John insisted that we take the forest service roads (and some off-shoots of forest service roads) to test the capabilities of the Land Cruiser. It took us HOURS to get back when it had only taken about 30-40 minutes to get there! We even saw a mama & baby moose. So cute (and thankfully we saw them from the safety of our car!). The boys ended up falling asleep on the way back, so we ended the day with a movie night since they slept until so late. 

So, even though we have a lot of clean-up to do another day, today was a good day! 

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