Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are getting a new patio poured in our backyard! We had a deck that we liked, but it was going to need some serious repairs to make it safe, and we aren't really into all of the maintenance that comes along with a (wood) deck. So we tore it all off, and the patio is a work in progress. Today they poured the concrete, so I decided I should probably take the boys somewhere for a while since the backyard is off limits to them. 

The boys and I decided to head to Silverwood to play at the waterpark. We got there early and played until early afternoon. It's a little difficult to keep track of the three of them by myself...especially since the kid area is pretty massive, and of course the boys can't stay together! But we managed and even had fun! We ended our time with a ride on the carousel and a picnic in the car. Apparently it wore them out because ALL 3 of them napped. And 2 are still napping at almost 5:00! Crazy. I guess I need to take them to Silverwood more often.

And we came home to this:
Not the best picture, but the best I could do while leaning out the other door!

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