Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Big Day

I still can't believe my baby is five. 5!

We had a fun and exciting day: presents, skating, birthday party at our house, and then out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Ever since B's birthday (at Texas Roadhouse) Preston has been begging to go there for his birthday. He loved the dancing, the loudness, and the saddle...not to mention the fact that he got to have a hot dog AND ice cream.

Opening presents
My old mitt, courtesy of my parents

Fish tank cake, partially decorated by P&B (they especially loved eating the candy, but they both helped frost it and put the decorations on).

Cake time!

Playing with some new train track pieces...Toy Story 3 Exploding Bridge set!

Poppa, Archer, and Daddy at the restaurant. Archer was dipping a lemon slice in salad dressing and eating it. So disgusting. That is what happens when he is left in the care of his Daddy and Poppa! :)

Preston on the saddle...he was SO excited for this, and made sure to tell the waiter (who thankfully listened to Preston's incessant chatter!) over and over that it was his birthday.

Preston is now finally in bed, and I just heard him turn off his Tag reader (he was reading Scooby Doo in bed) so I guess he is finally going to sleep at 9:20 pm! The sugar rush must be ending.
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