Monday, January 17, 2011

Garden Nerds, Phase 1

This weekend, we started phase 1 of our indoor gardening plan: we bought a grow light.

L-R: lime, banana, mandarin orange, lemon (all dwarf), and the aerogarden

As you can see, our lime was doing pretty well as far as growth previously, but it has never bloomed. Our banana has done okay, except that Jasper keeps eating it (it used to be about 4 feet tall and is now attempting to make a comeback). Our mandarin orange is just sad...this could be partially due to the fact that John found it on super-clearance at Lowe's. John pruned the top because it was growing up but not out and it's little "trunk" was barely big enough to support the weight. Our lemon (that I got for free!) has produced a couple of lemons, but it just doesn't seem to be getting any far as I know, it should be about the size of the lime, and they were close to the same size when I got them. None of them have been doing particularly well, so I can only figure that it's due to lack of sun. We have them in the sunniest areas of our house, but our south-facing windows are tiny so we mainly had them in the east/west windows.

We now have plenty of "sunshine" in our house, so hopefully our plants will start thriving. Unfortunately, phase 1 was the easiest portion of our plan. We haven't quite figured out how to do most of the rest of it yet.

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