Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Up for Yesterday

Last night's dinner = complete flop.

Tonight's dinner = complete opposite. I ate WAY too much!

First up: making tortillas! With the amazing tortilla press that my dad made for Christmas. It looks good AND it's functional. So much easier than rolling each one out by hand.

The boys loved helping with the press...because obviously it's a 3 person job! :) I love B's eyes in this picture.

Archer had to sit this one out, but he's just so cute anyway.

The finished product! Yummmmmy.

John, mid-eating. Obviously it was a hit!
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  1. Which recipe do you use for your tortillas?

  2. This is the one I've used previously:
    and this is the one I used last night:

    They are both good. I usually use butter instead of shortening/lard. I think the first one rolls out easier.

  3. Wow, those tortillas look like chalupas! Yum! I've never made my own tortillas.... does it take a while to cook enough for the family? Next time I want a step by step tutorial ;)

  4. Kira - They don't take long to cook, but it does take a while to roll them out. That's partly why I prefer the first was much easier to get them flat. (Which is why the tortillas look like chalupas!) Letting them rest after they are in balls helps too, but I was kind of impatient. Next time I make them, I'll try to remember to take pics!