Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yam Soup & Couscous Muffins!

I have made both of these today, along with some breadsticks but those don't sound quite as interesting right?

I made Spicy African Yam Soup for dinner tonight - it's currently in the crockpot, but I tried a bite and it's good! I decided to cook it in the crockpot because I needed to cook the garbanzo beans anyway (I used dried instead of canned), pureed it in my VitaMix (not in the recipe, but P&B claim that they don't like sweet potatoes even though they LOVE sweet potato fries...anyway, I decided to disguise them!), and then added the rice and peanut butter after pureeing. We're also having breadsticks and some home-canned green beans. Yum.
ETA, regarding the soup: It was NOT a hit. I liked it, but no one else did. Not even John, who apparently REALLY didn't like it since he suggested we go get dinner somewhere, and then proceeded to eat lots and lots of breadsticks. :)

The other interesting thing I made today were these Gritty Banana Mango Corn Muffins. I didn't have any dried mango so I used dried apples, and we also ran out of eggs so I subbed ground flax seed and water. We had them for dessert for lunch and everyone but B liked them. Maybe it was the texture that he didn't like? Either way, definitely unusual (who would have ever thought to put couscous in a muffin?!), low in sugar, and overall pretty healthy I'd say. I think mango would be really good in these - I do have some frozen mango that I could maybe try? I'm not sure it's a repeat recipe, but none of the boys like couscous (even Arch refuses to eat it which is VERY rare) so it was a good way to use some up in a way that at least 2 out of 3 them of will eat.

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