Saturday, February 5, 2011

Orange Cleaner

For the past few years, I have used a vinegar/water solution for the majority of my cleaning. Kind of boring, but it works really well, it's cheap, and most importantly, I can let the boys help without worrying about them getting it on their hands (or even taking a sip...not that they would do that...).

Anyway, a while ago I read somewhere about making an orange cleaner. I wish I could find it again, but of course I couldn't. Either way, I remembered the premise and since the boys have been on a serious mandarin orange kick for a while now, I thought I would put the peels to good use and made some orange cleaner.

Here's what you do:

Collect orange peels. Cover with vinegar. Put a lid on it. Let it "brew" for 2 weeks on the counter. Dilute it with water (50/50). Use!

Really complex, huh?

Very timely that my cleaner was done just in time to clean up from the massive amounts of vomit that occurred in our house over the past couple of days. I gave it a try this morning and it works GREAT. It seems slightly stronger than just vinegar/water, plus it has the added bonus of smelling nice and citrus-y (is that a word?). I sprayed it on some stuck on stuff in my sink, let it soak there for a minute or two, and it came right off.

I'll be using it lots today cleaning our bathrooms!

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  1. Love this idea! I use vinegar all the time too but the smell is so awful.