Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Stuff!

We got a fresh coat of snow last night reminding me that it IS still winter. Yuck. Thankfully it has since melted, but spring is probably still a ways away for us. At least the sight of happy tomatoes growing makes it feel just a little more spring-like!

Tomato Plant #1. The biggest. The other one is maybe an inch shorter, and it's doing well too.

We harvested some lettuce tonight! It filled a bowl up plus there are still plenty of leaves left on the plants.

The lettuce passes inspection from P. I am very thankful that my older boys love salad (spinach is their favorite). I'm hoping Archie follows in his brothers' footsteps...right now he doesn't particularly enjoy the texture of lettuce.

I also harvested a few leaves of basil, but nothing major yet. The rest of my herbs are pretty spindly still. We also moved 3 strawberries inside so we'll see if they start growing! And I was getting so excited for Spring that I started planning my outdoor garden...then it snowed and I got a little deflated.
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