Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today is my baby's first trip to the pediatrician. 

I'm nervous. 

He's still so LITTLE.  He was checked out by our midwife for the first 6 weeks of his life, but since then we've had no reason to have him seen.  Our last pediatrician here wasn't exactly supportive of our decision to delay/selectively vaccinate, so I'm a little nervous to go see the new pediatrician.  He comes with rave reviews from my midwife, so I'm hoping he's a little more accepting.  We shall see! 

My plan was for B to get 1 shot today (he's only had 2 before, because I didn't want to take him back to the same pediatrician), but since he has really only been feeling 100% since yesterday, I'm not really sure I want to inflict that on him!  And Archer actually won't be getting any shots today because we're planning to wait until he turns 2 (when the blood brain barrier is more fully developed).

I'm such a wimp with vaccines that John is taking a late lunch to meet us there for some moral support.

*Disclaimer, since this tends to be a hot topic: I have not read anything that leads me to believe there is a SOLID 100% link between vaccines and terrible side-effects (although there are plenty of articles and stories about tentative links).  I believe that FOR US, this decision to delay and selectively vaccinate is best.  I don't judge those who vaccinate on schedule or who don't vaccinate at all!  However, I DO think that every parent should make an informed decision that they feel is best for their family.


  1. ok, send me some of your articles!!! we are the same way and will delay/selectively vaccinate, but i'd love to read your info!!! i've only done a little research so far.

  2. How did the appt. go? Finding the right pediatrician is so important! Mine is speed dial 3 on my phone!!!