Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cold, Catch-Up, & Cuteness

Despite my best efforts, Preston spent the early part of the week throwing up.  PLEASE can we just be done with the sickness already?!  We are (currently) all healthy (again) and hopefully we will stay that way!

Last night we had a bit of a blizzard.  Yuck.  Just when I start to think that Spring is on the way...  Right now it is COLD (this morning it was 11 degrees/-9 with windchill) and windy.  Generally miserable!  I had to drag the garbage can over the large snowdrift in front of the garage this morning and about froze myself.  Schools were canceled, but that doesn't help us since apparently people still make it to their dentist appointments. 

In place of any other exciting updates, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks or so.
My cute boys eating apples

Where's Archer?
Mr. B clowning
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